A Year in Review: Italian Sunshine Reporting’s Triumphs in 2023

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Blogs

Italian Sunshine Reporting, in collaboration with Vector Health Compliance, has successfully concluded a dynamic year dedicated to illuminating the intricacies of the Italian Sunshine Law. The company hosted two insightful seminars—one in Milan and another in Rome—alongside engaging webinars that brought together experts and professionals from diverse sectors.

Seminar Highlights: Navigating Compliance Challenges with Confidence

The Italian Sunshine Law Seminar, themed “Understand and Prepare for the Italian Sunshine Law,” kicked off in Milan with overwhelming enthusiasm. The event, designed to unravel the complexities of compliance, risk management, and informed decision-making, surpassed all expectations, prompting a last-minute move to a larger venue to accommodate the eager participants.

Industry leaders, including our featured speaker Ethics & Compliance Expert Edoardo Lazzarini, led discussions in Milan. The success of the Milan leg set the stage for an equally impactful session in Rome, reinforcing the industry’s commitment to overcoming regulatory challenges with confidence.

As the seminar continued, professionals gained valuable insights, practical strategies, and a deeper understanding of compliance within the evolving regulatory landscape. The interactive nature of the discussions, particularly during a real-life case presented by Sara Gohar, Compliance Data Analyst (Vector Health), resonated with compliance officers who found the behind-the-scenes processes of transparency reporting both informative and engaging.

Webinar Insights: Addressing Key Concerns in Transparency Reporting

In webinars featuring experts such as Mauro Teresi – Simmons & Simmons (international law firm), participants delved into crucial topics, including the likely release date of the telematic register. Mauro emphasized the importance of the gap analysis, especially for companies new to reporting in Italy. Notably, he highlighted changes regarding privacy consent, noting that while consent is no longer required, companies must include a privacy notice in contracts with healthcare professionals.

Both Edoardo and Mauro stressed the significance of the gap analysis, particularly for small-sized companies entering the Italian reporting landscape for the first time. With the new law in effect, they cautioned about potential sanctions and penalties, emphasizing the need for companies to seek legal advice from experienced professionals.

In summary, Italian Sunshine Reporting’s endeavors in 2023 successfully provided a platform for professionals to navigate the complexities of the Italian Sunshine Law, fostering an environment of collaboration, learning, and proactive compliance in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Special thanks:
Vector Health Compliance
Edoardo Lazzarini – Ethics & Compliance Expert
Emanuela Negri – Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Senior Consultant
Ned Mumtaz – Life Sciences Global Transparency Operations Expert
Sylvia Asghar – Life Sciences Global Transparency Regulations Expert
Maria Grazia Medici – Partner – Osborne Clarke, Italy & Life Sciences and Health Sector Leader
Marialaura Boni – Senior Associate – Osborne Clarke, Italy
Mauro Teresi – Simmons & Simmons
Sara Gohar – Compliance Data Analyst – Vector Health